• Tom Levitt (Chair)
  • Patrick Burgess
  • Anne Davis
  • Brian Smouha
  • Marina Sevier


  • Antonia Orr (Chief Executive)


  • Brian Smouha (founder)

Who we are

We are a small, highly collaborative organisation devoted to helping other social impact organisations become more efficient and effective. Our projects are delivered in partnership with like-minded individuals and organisations and are designed to help charities and social enterprises focus on maximising their social impact.

Our team

Antonia Orr, Chief Executive
Prior to joining as Chief Executive since 2015. Antonia was General Manager at ECT Charity, a community transport social enterprise, where she led the development of a social value methodology. Antonia helped to launch and grow UnLtds Global Social Entrepreneurship Network in 2013. She lived in Mexico for several years working for a non-profit fund supporting women-led grassroots organisations seeking to close the gender gap. Antonia is an On Purpose Fellow and sits on the Fellows Advisory Board. As a champion of women leaders, she co-founded the On Purpose Women in Leadership network and She Leads Change. In 2017, she was nominated in the WISE100 list.

Brian Smouha, Founder & Trustee
Brian founded the Coalition for Efficiency in 2010 driven by a desire to help charitable organisations succeed. As a former Partner in Deloitte & Touche from 1970 until his retirement in 2001, he established the specialist Financial Institutions Group, led the liquidation of BCCI, and led the Deloitte & Touche audit of the World Bank in 1997-2001. He is currently a trustee of The Bulldog Trust, Volunteering Matters and has a portfolio of other philanthropic commitments. Brian was the founding chair of GuideStar UK and a founding trustee of The Institute for Philanthropy. Brian was runner-up for The Times/Sternberg Active Life Award in 2017. In 2018, Brian was awarded a Masters Degree in Voluntary Sector Management from Cass Business School.

From Brian:

“For thirty years as a partner and accountant, I established and led the Financial Services group in Deloitte. On my retirement, I became involved as a founder trustee of the Institute for Philanthropy which has led to my second (voluntary) career in the charity sector and became a lot more involved with charities.

What struck me was the huge amount of selfless effort, goodwill and funds going into charities and the fundamental role the sector played in addressing essential needs in society. But there was a piece that seemed to be missing. In the commercial world success and survival depended on maximising output whilst maintaining quality. Charities that depended so much on the compassion and goodwill of beneficiaries, donors and workers in the sector do not have the equivalent pressure and can fall short of their full potential.

I wanted to see how we could spark a cultural change by encouraging charities to concentrate on their mission and use metrics to measure and accelerate their progress. Using measurements, whether hard or soft, in a commercial business or a charity is the first crucial step in becoming more effective, maximising value and moving forward in a coherent way.”