Measuring the Good

As a small charity ourselves, we understand that often the biggest challenge facing charities and social enterprise is the lack of time and headspace. We designed Measuring the Good as a practical and structured approach to help organisations with a social mission to embed a culture of impact management in order to better serve their users and communicate the work they do.


Organisations are matched to skilled volunteers who coach staff through a step-by-step framework by acting as an independent facilitator and applying their management expertise. The Measuring the Good Handbook provides useful tips and resources to guide both the volunteer and the organisation through the process.


Volunteers work closely with the organisation to become a more results-driven and evidence-based organisation by facilitating coaching-type discussions and providing strategic support.


The programme offers around 20-30 hours of volunteer time over 3-4 months and is overseen by Measuring the Good staff who also provide additional support and impact measurement expertise to each match. A review takes place approximately 6 months later. Led by the CEO or a senior manager and supported by staff and a designated trustee, the approach takes into account the day-to-day pressures of running a charity or social enterprise.