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GoProBono (2014)

GoProBono is a skill sharing super hub that boosts access to and raises awareness of skilled volunteering opportunities. It is a free, digital tool for charities, businesses and individuals looking for skills-based volunteering opportunities. Through one searchable platform, charities and skilled volunteers can now access thousands of skill sharing opportunities across London and the UK from one place. 

GoProBono was developed initially in 2014 by Coalition for Efficiency’s then co-director, Marina Sevier, in collaboration with City Philanthropy A Wealth of Opportunity and funded by the City of London Corporations charity, The City Bridge Trust. It launched as part of the 30th anniversary of National Volunteers Week in May 2014 .  A year later in May 2015, the ownership of GoProBono moved to the Do-It Trust whose mission is to bring people together to help solve society’s problems through voluntary and civic action.

Trustee Guide (2013)

A practical and inspiring introductory guide to being a good trustee

This guide published in 2013 helps you understand who trustees are, why become one, how you could contribute, what you’ll gain and what is expected. It includes practical questions for trustees to ask at trustee meetings, it explains the basics of good governance and where to go to find more information and trustee opportunities.

Trustees have the chance to contribute their skills and experience for the benefit of charities. Being a trustee is personally and professionally rewarding and fun.” Sarah Hodgkinson, CEO, Getting on Board.

Governance is about compliance and controls, but Good Governance is above all about making sure that the charity is focused on its mission and meeting its charitable objects to the best of its ability. Brian Smouha, founder, Coalition for Efficiency.

This guide has been produced by Coalition for Efficiency and Getting on Board. Organisations and individuals are invited to use and share with others:

  • The 2-page version contains the same information and is designed for printing
  • The longer Trustee Guide is designed for online viewing

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Trustee Guide – A practical and inspiring introductory guide to being a good trustee

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Trustees Dilemma (2010)

The Trustees Dilemma: To Spend or to Save?


This research from 2010 explores the theme of how best charities can use their resources and how they can maximise the benefits of available funds to deliver their mission. It investigates the balance between the financial conservatism of trustees and the need to fulfil the charities missions by spending their capital. It looks into three distinctive case studies; those of Guys and St Thomas Charity, RNLI and Oxfam.

To view the paper online, simply click on the link below:

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The Trustees Dilemma: To Spend or to Save

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