The Practical Approach

Using Skilled Volunteers to Measure Impact

Funders, donors and beneficiaries are putting increasing pressure on charities to measure their impact. CfE in collaboration with Charity Finance Group and ICAEW has developed a simple and effective method for charities to identify and develop their impact measurements through leveraging the resources of skilled volunteers and combining their expertise with those of the charity’s leadership.

For the charity:

The Practical Approach shows how charities can work with skilled volunteers to identify, establish and develop mission-focused measurements (Key Performance Indicators)

For the skilled volunteer:

The Practical Approach provides a structured framework for business professionals to apply their management expertise to assist charities while also developing their own skills and experience.

The Practical Approach can also bring benefits to your business

If you are a charity or a volunteer interested in getting involved, please contact Marina Mooney at or by telephone on 020 7240 6044.

CfE does not charge for its services. The charity is self-funded and relies on charitable donations.

Charity “We are now well-placed to answer the question: how did our interventions increase the well-being of those we aim to help?”

Volunteer “I found this project very rewarding. It was intellectually stimulating and challenging as it tested my interpersonal skills and my business knowledge”

Charity Volunteer Business
Achieve greater transparency and accountability Gain personal satisfactionand be intellectually stimulated Motivate staff
Improve communication with stakeholders e.g. funders Broaden experience e.g. different environment, exposure to strategic issues A practical and real experience which can form part of a management training framework
Improve strategic focus and services where necessary Build the capability and capacity of a whole charity and multiple beneficiaries Cost-effective talent and skills development for staff
Incentivise staff by demonstrating the results of their work Apply business skills and experience to charity Demonstrate social impact, community involvement and corporate responsibility
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The Practical Approach: A Handbook on How Skilled Volunteers Can Help Charities Measure Their Impact.