Measuring The Good

We understand that often the biggest challenge facing charities and social enterprise is the lack of time and space to focus on impact management.

With Measuring the Good, we match organisations to skilled volunteers who work through a step-by-step framework, acting as an independent facilitator and supporting their impact practice.

Led by senior management, and supported by staff and a designated trustee, this approach is designed to take into account the day-to-day pressures of running a charity or social enterprise. The Measuring the Good Handbook provides useful tips and resources to guide both the volunteer and organisation through the process.

The programme offers 20-30 hours of volunteer time over 3-4 months, with a review taking place approximately 6 months after implementation. The match is overseen and managed by Measuring the Good staff who provide additional impact management support and help to resolve any issues.

Are you a charity or a social enterprise looking to: 

– Get your head around impact management and how to improve it?

– Collect more meaningful data to improve decision-making? 

– Build on the good work you do, communicate to stakeholders and motivate your staff?

– Navigate the jargon and numerous tools available to help you measure impact?

Our volunteers will coach you to create a sustainable practice around embedding an impact management and learning culture. Through joining the programme, organisations also have access to community events, interactive learning labs and regular learning digests.

Past participants have leveraged it to apply learning to improve service delivery, communicate with stakeholders and successfully apply for funding.

It is also a powerful means of engaging staff, volunteers and service users to better understand how their work makes a difference.

The programme is ideally suited to small organisations with annual incomes of less than £1m. Each match is overseen, managed and supported by experts within the Measuring the Good team. 

The Open Programme fee is £750. 


To make further enquiries or to secure a place on the programme, send an email to 

Are you an experienced professional:

– Looking to use your valuable skills for social good?
– Who enjoys working with organisations to help them reach their potential to succeed?

We provide a structured framework for experienced professionals to apply their management expertise and experience to help an organisation making a positive impact on people’s lives. As a volunteer, you will:

– Act as an independent facilitator, mentor and advisor
– Use your business experience and external perspective to provide objective advice
– Develop a deeper understanding of the social sector and its challenges.

Here are some of the skills and capabilities we look for in our volunteers:

  • Leadership experience in middle or senior management
  • Experience of developing and using metrics and key performance indicators
  • Experience of working in diverse environments
  • Experience in change management
  • Experience of facilitating and motivating people
  • Coaching and mentoring skills and experience
  • Strategic thinker
  • A good listener
  • Humility, empathy and commitment to the ethos and values of the social sector

Each match requires a time commitment of 20-25 volunteer hours spread over 2-4 months with a further follow-up meeting after 6-9 months.

Become a volunteer! Register your interest by sending an email to 

Are you a grant funder or impact investor looking for ways to support your grantees and investees in their impact management practice?

We work with funders who place their grantees or investees on the programme, as part of the strategic support offered to promote organisational learning, effectiveness and sustainability.

The volunteer model keeps the programme affordable for funders, who derive a benefit to their own regular impact reporting.

Since 2012, we have worked with funders to support over 110 small and medium-sized charities and social enterprises in England, Scotland and Wales addressing causes as diverse as sustainable fishing, refugee support, employability, ex-offenders and youth. 

Explore funding opportunities here.

“At The Fore, we believe that small charities are crucial to meeting the needs of our society. Our success is inextricably tied to the success of the organisations that we support. Since we launched in March 2017, we have been funding places on the Measuring the Good programme for our grantees. Measuring the Good’s structured, bespoke, friendly, people-centred approach matches our ethos and is a valuable tool for many of our small charities and social enterprises that are looking at how best they can measure and communicate the impact of their work. The programme ensures that our grantees are supported in a way that is useful, effective and appropriate for them. As a small grant-making organisation with limited internal capacity, the skilled volunteering element of the programme keeps it cost effective for us, compared with other solutions on the market. We are delighted with the collaboration so far.”
Mary Rose Gunn
CEO of The Fore