Volunteers: Valuable partners in managing impact

The value of volunteering is well researched. The NCVO estimated that 14.2 million people formally volunteered at least once a month in 2015/16, with regular volunteers giving on average 11.6 hours per month and the value of formal volunteering estimated to be £22.6bn in 2015. Officials at Public Health England have acknowledged the long term health benefits that can result from engaging young people in work and social action and have publicly supported the #iwill campaign, which promotes social action among 10-20 year-olds.

In a sector that plays a vital part in our society due to political, social and economic factors, we often have to be smart and frugal with the minimal resources that we do have. We hear from the organisations that we support about how important volunteers are to their service delivery, organisational effectivness and increasingly, to helping them define their strategy and scale their impact. Even trustees are volunteers. As expected, smaller organisations with fewer resources than big ones benefit the most from the passion and commitment of their volunteers.

Helping others to Measure the Good

At Coalition for Efficiency, we too rely on skilled and experienced volunteers to help ensure the success of our Measuring the Good programme. Our volunteers have told us that they feel a sense of satisfaction when working with organisations who are stretched on resources with many reporting profound learning experiences during their matches. Our volunteers are professionals interested in supporting smaller charities and social enterprises achieve their mission and goals through robust outcomes and impact management practices. They act as trusted advisors, coaching and mentoring leaders to build lasting internal capability and confidence in managing and communicating their performance.

Our volunteers also help us, a tiny charity of two staff ourselves, keep our costs affordable and pass on savings we make to those whom we support. We are grateful for and energised by this generosity.

As the sector continues to shift and grow, so will Measuring the Good. Demand for our services is increasing and we need more volunteers to meet this need. Can you, or someone you know help? Please get in touch if you can, or if you would like more info. Our next volunteer induction is on the 13th of November 2018.