New trustees to join Coalition for Efficiency’s board

October 2020

The Coalition for Efficiency (CfE) has appointed three new trustees to join its board: Alison Radevsky, Duro Oye and Emily Dunne.

Alison Radevsky is an experienced charity trustee, freelance evaluator and voluntary sector consultant. She is currently a volunteer on the Measuring the Good programme and participated in the pilot of the Charity Excellence Mentoring Project which was managed by CfE.

Duro Oye is a social entrepreneur who has benefitted from putting the organisation that he founded, 2020 Change, through Measuring the Good. We are particularly looking forward to benefiting from Duro’s insights into the Black community from where there is a growing demand for our approach to impact measurement and management.

Emily Dunne will be the youngest trustee. She is a freelance consultant with significant digital experience and an On Purpose Fellow. Emily is also part of our Measuring the Good volunteer network.

Chair of the board of trustees, Tom Levitt, said:

“Any of the six people we interviewed would have made excellent trustees and it was very difficult to rule any of them out! Between them, these three represent a balance of youth and experience, increase the diversity of our board and bring a great breadth of lived experience to our work.”

Announcing the recommended names to trustees, Mr Levitt went on:

“This is an exciting time for the Coalition for Efficiency: our new trustees represent ‘new blood’ at a time when we are starting to really make our mark. We face our own organisational challenges, but these are as nothing compared to those faced by the smaller elements of the charity sector and communities, especially in recovering post-Covid19. We can be of great use to those charities and social enterprises who need to develop their confidence, skills, capacity and accountability. With our new colleagues on board we are better equipped to do just that.”

Brian Smouha, who founded Coalition for Efficiency in 2010 and continues to serve on the board, commented:

“I am delighted to see new faces on the board. It is not always comfortable, but is essential, to continue to be challenged. We have selected individuals who will challenge what we are doing constructively and help us to develop our work.”