Collaboration is the bedrock of what we do.

We do not seek to re-invent the wheel and instead work with partners to achieve greater impact for the sector.

We have cultivated our network and partnerships carefully and are honoured to be associated with the following organisations and initiatives who help us to reach small charities and deliver support, to enhance their efficiency, effectiveness and learning.

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with Coalition for Efficiency, please get in touch.

funding Partners

We have partnered with Catch 22 since 2019, providing impact support to social entrepreneurs from the Incubate, Accelerate, Amplify programme. 

We provide impact measurement support to grantees through the Enhance Programme.

We are part of a small pool of ‘measuring change’ support and training providers for Local Trust. We are working directly with resident partnership members in Big Local areas to build their impact measurement capacity and understanding.

Social & Community Capital has offered Measuring the Good support to selected charity and social enterprise customers since 2018.

The Fore was Coalition for Efficiency’s first “Funder Plus” partner, offering Measuring the Good support to its grantees between 2017 and 2020. The Fore continue to signpost small organisations to our support programmes.

We have received funding from TNLCF through Awards for All to deliver core activities. 

Strategic Partners

JCURV’s mission is to increase the agility of organisations so they can thrive in an increasingly uncertain world. We have collaborated closely with the JCURV team since 2017 in the delivery of agile training, coaching and advice to small organisations in our network.

Volunteering Matters is our long-established delivery partner since 2013, helping to develop and continuously improve our approach on the volunteer-led Measuring the Good programme.

delivery Partners

The Charity Excellence Framework is a free online management toolkit for charities to assess their performance. In 2020, we ran a pilot of the Charity Excellence Mentoring Project, combining access to the digital platform with support from a volunteer mentor.

DataKind UK and Coalition for Efficiency were partners on the Impact Management Programme (funded by the Access Foundation in 2016-2018) and more recently on the Datawise London programme. We raise awareness about each other’s support and resources available to small organisations.

Datawise London is a data literacy and digital skills consortium funded by Citybridge Trust and made up of Superhighways (lead partner), DataKind UK, London Plus, HEAR Network, Makerble and Coalition for Efficiency.

Do it Now Now (DiNN) is an open innovation organisation driven by the desire to bring social empowerment to Black communities. We became partners in 2020, providing impact measurement support to the Black leaders and Black-led organisations in DiNN’s network.

Coalition for Efficiency is a Social Value Partner working together to develop a movement to change the way the world accounts for value. Social Value UK and CfE refer small organisation to each other’s resources and programmes.

We deliver training and consultancy work  together for London-based groups. Superhighways helps local communities make best use of technology for social impact.

We have partnered with the Department of Social Policy and Social Work and their Masters students to support local charities with impact measurement.

Signposting & Referral Partners

ACEVO helps to raise awareness about Coalition for Efficiency and Measuring the Good amongst its members.

We refer small organisation to each other’s resources, events and programmes.

Charity Evaluation Working Group members are invited to be part of our community as Measuring the Good volunteer coaches or Impact Chat volunteers. We also encourage small charities to become ChEW members.

We refer small organisations to each other’s resources, events and programmes.


Impactasaurus is a free tool to collect, monitor, analyse and report on outcomes and impact data which we promote to our community of small organisations and volunteers.

inFocus Consulting has developed an online learning platform that help organisations and individuals to measure and manage social impact. Our Measuring the Good community can access the content at discounted rates.

We are an Impact Champion and regularly refer small organisation to each other’s resources, events and programmes.

We deliver impact training for On Purpose Associates. Our Chief Executive is an On Purpose Fellow along with our trustee, Emily Dunne. We have several On Purpose Associates and Fellows in our volunteer community who deliver pro bono impact support.

Pro Bono Economics and Coalition for Efficiency refer volunteers and organisations to each other’s services.

The Small Charities Coalition helps to raise awareness about Coalition for Efficiency and Measuring the Good amongst its members.

We are a Pro Bono Supporter to the Stephen Lloyd Awards, an initiative of Bates Wells Foundation, which champions early stage projects that have real potential to achieve practical, sustainable social change.

In order to support organisations in a variety of different regions and to make best use of available volunteer resources, Coalition for Efficiency and the OR Society refer organisations and volunteers to each other.

networks we are members of