Are you looking to help an organisation manage,
measure and maximise its impact?

Coalition for Efficiency is a small charity that works to support a wide range of social impact organisations. Working with community organisers, charities and social enterprises, we envision a world where everyone plays their role as an engaged citizen to contribute towards a happier and more resilient society.

Alongside our network of partners across the social sector, we equip volunteers and organisations to play their roles by:

  • Providing training and 1-2-1 sessions on impact measurement and management.
  • Nurturing relationships between organisations and highly skilled volunteers.
  • Building strategic partnerships to support those that need help most.

We’ll help you focus on your social missions, embed practice and develop an impact management culture to improve the services you deliver.

Get in touch to find how you can get involved with Coalition for Efficiency. We’d love to hear from you.